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Partnering with Avast to Deliver Top-notch IT Security Solutions

Navigo SC has been committed to providing a wider range of IT services to the local market since April 2012. We signed a contract with Avast, a leading computer security company, to distribute their security solutions. Avast software protects over 150 million active devices with its antivirus solutions known for exceptional performance and low hardware requirements, making it easy to install even on older computers. With a fully functional and free version for home users, Avast has established itself as a trusted partner and friend, offering lower prices to business clients while raising the level of security. Protect your accounts today and be ready for any challenges. Contact us at 051 238 130 or email avast@nsc.ba for information on pricing and conditions.

Special discounts are available for:

  • non-profit and charitable organizations (50%)
  • educational institutions (50%)
  • government and state institutions (30%)
  • healthcare institutions (30%)

Renewal discounts are available for:

  • standard clients (30%)
  • non-profit and charitable organizations, educational institutions (65%)
  • government and state institutions, healthcare institutions (51%)

rices are displayed in € and payment is made in local currency (KM) only. Prices do not include VAT or optional installation costs. In case of a special discount from the above list, Navigo SC reserves the right to request proof for the categorization of the user.

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